Man-Made Photography

Many photos are taken with natural beauty in mind, but some of my favourite photos and ones that I am really proud of are images that I have either setup, or are taken photographing man-made structures. I believe that anything is ok to be man-made, as long as it looks aesthetically pleasing, and benefits the surrounding environment.

One example of Man-Made Photography is one of my all time favourite pictures, and they were taken on the Suffolk beach of Felixstowe. I feel that all 3 of these pictures have something special about them, that catches my attention. These pictures were also taken at all different times during the past couple of years, during different season and weather conditions.

This picture is one that has also been uploaded to my Instagram Account and I love how the my small compact camera has focused on the centre of the image, yet blurring the foreground and background. Furthermore, the focus on the camera has really brought out the condition of the weather worn groyne as the sea has batted the life out of this man-made structure. 

The picture above was taken on my old Panasonic Lumix G2 with a 45-200mm lens, I felt that choosing this lens will really bring out the true and fine details of the rusty bolt. Like the first image, I love how the camera has focussed on the left of the image in the foreground yet has also blurred the background. Another one of my favourite aspects about this image is that as the sun was out on the day of the photo, it really makes the colours in the photo bright and illuminated. Also I like how although the beach and sea is blurred, you can still easily make out what it is meant to be.

This picture was taken with the same lens on my Panasonic camera, and this image has the same effect as the other two. Felixstowe is mainly known for the seaside town and the port, and I feel that instead of the blurred background being empty, the blurry container crane, also adds to the specialities of this image.

You can take a variety of images, from the rural countryside, to urban and architectural photographs. These would be of a skyscraper or a very abstract building in a city. These type of images are popular to be printed onto canvas' for home use to be hung on walls. In my opinion this would make a house or flat look more modern, if all of the wall art followed this theme. One downside is the fact that I feel these images don't feel warm and homely like others taken in the countryside.

Another type of man-made photography is mainly shown on social media sites like Instagram and Tumblr. On these sites the users like to showcase new products that they have purchased, or are loving at the time. My Sister's Instagram has some of these images.

Overall I believe that a Man-Made image is ok, so just experiment and see what you get!
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