The Upgraded Lens

A few days ago a very special package came in the mail. My new camera! I had saved up for something special to spend my money on for roughly a year and a half, and my camera was the decider of this.

After deciding which camera to buy, which I wrote a blog post about, I finally clicked the button 'Order Now'. I decided to purchase the camera from a well-known camera shop, called Jessops, as I believed that if I had any technical issues, they would be there to assist me. Furthermore, as I purchased the camera as a bundle, included in the offer was a free Manfrotto Advanced Active Backpack. As this bag was included in the deal, I thought that it was better value for money the fact that I could buy the camera and still have free camera protection worth £50.

I decided that due to the fact that I would probably be itching to get a larger lens for either birthday or christmas, I would save my money a little bit longer and go for the 18-135mm lens, rather than the standard 18-55mm. Although without trying the standard kit lens, I can definitely say that I am glad that I went for the larger one, as I can use it from further distances, and the extra zoom, allows me to get stunning macro shots to.

After researching more about the camera and the lens', I came across another deal that was exclusive to Jessops, and that was the camera and the 18-200mm lens. First of all, I thought to myself, wow this lens will allow me to be even more creative and experiment with even more different shots, but then I asked the question on Twitter "What lens do you recommend the 18-135mm lens or the 18-200mm lens?" I received a very informative response from a magazine called Amateur Photographer. He responded, with the question, "What type of photos will you be mainly taking?" I then explained the idea that I would prefer if the lens was for more general use, and I was informed that the 18-200mm lens is more for nature and sport, whilst the 18-135mm lens is for general use. This is the news that I was happy to hear, that I could have a lens with a large zoom, whilst it still mainly being used for general use. Also I was able to save myself over £200.

Using this lens has enabled me to take various different photos that I am proud of, and you can see some of them here:

All of these images have been edited with the mobile and tablet app called VSCOcam. I have wrote a blog post reviewing this app, which you can find here!

I really do look forward to taking more images with my new lens and camera!

Photos taken on: Canon EOS 70D w/ 18-135mm Lens  
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