Smart Phone Protection

Today I am going to be letting you guys know what my smart phone protection tips and tricks are. Most people who own a mobile phone are on a contract, which tends to mean that you have to keep the phone for two years, as this is how long the phone contract lasts for. Therefore, I feel that it is necessary to protect your mobile phone for this duration of time.

My first protection tip is to always have a screen protector on the screen of your device. When you first take the phone out of the box, it will tend to have a plastic film on both the front and the back of the device, which I normally leave on unless you have an actual screen protector. On all of my tablets and mobile phones I have ever had, I have always used a screen protector, and when occasionally you take them off to change them, you can see that the protector has so many scratches on. This means that your screen underneath of the protector is untouched and is still in perfect condition. 

You can normally pick up two different types of screen protector, one which has a glossy finish, and one with a matte finish. Using the gloss screen protector will mean that your screen will look clearer compared to the matte one. However using a matte screen protector does have some advantaged, firstly in my opinion it has a nicer feel to it, and also I have found that the matte protector is a lot more durable compared to the glossy one.

Picking up a screen protector can be simple, there are available in so many different online stores, from Amazon to eBay. Furthermore they are also available for more less every single modern mobile phone, which means that it is more of a reason to purchase on for your device. Sometimes when purchasing accessories for mobile phone, they can be expensive and pricey, however you can pick up an average screen protector for roughly £1-£2.

In addition to having a screen protector, another smart phone protection method that I recommend is to always have a phone case on your device. This means that it will be protected against drop, dents and scratches. Some people imagine that phone cases get in the way, and make the phone feel thick and clunky, however you can get phone cases that are thin, and do not get in the way.

I have recently reviewed two cases from the Etsy web shop called Dessi Designs. When I first received these items through the post, I was just expecting them to be in normal, 'boring' packaging, but why first impressions of these products were "Wow!" When I saw the packaging of these I was shocked by the amount of effort this seller had put into these products and how that they were presented.

With the cases you get a thank you card from the seller, and beautifully rapped phone case in tissue paper, and a graphical ribbon around the cases, as you can see in the photography above. I feel that this presentation of these products makes them so special that they would be totally acceptable for a gift, perfect for the upcoming festive weeks of Christmas. 

These are the two phone cases that I chose from Dessi Designs, and I chose these because they can be used all year round as the designs on them are generic, and I also love the different patterns and how a range of different symbols have been used to make a pattern. On the Etsy web shop, you can by all different cases with a range of amazing designs on them, and for various different phone makes and models. IIn addition to this you can also buy mugs and notepads and loads more with stylish designs on them.

Thank you to Dessi Designs for sending me these product to review
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