Best Christmas Tech Present!

Recently I have teamed up with Sonos deliver you the best Christmas tech presents. Throughout the years, I always struggle to find something useful, affordable to ask for or purchase for someone, but since I have discovered Sonos speakers and my mind has changed.

Sonos have a whole range of fantastic quality products to choose from, and different speaker models, in different colours. There are usually two colours to choose from, either black or white. The Sonos that I am reviewing, are the black PLAY:1's, and it is the 2 Room Starter Set. In this set there are two of the speakers, in the same colour, which means that you can keep the style consistent and professional.

In each of the boxes, there is a few items that are needed to get your Sonos speaker up and running. Firstly there is an Ethernet cable to link your speaker to your router via cable, rather than an alternate method of WiFi. Next there is the power cable which as it says, gives the speaker power, and a smart user information booklet. Also last but not least, the Sonos PLAY 1 speaker.

You can see that Sonos have gone to every effort to make there products the best quality they can be and give the user the best experience when using them, by looking at the small, minute details like the fantastic quality of the user booklet which has a matt finish and discrete branding. This shows that they don't want to be out there and in the user's face, they just put the brand on there to show it's made by them.

This speaker is very compact and from its small size, it produces a punchy, deep, crystal clear sound, that can fill any room that the product is put into. The whole room will be filled with booming beats that will fill your ears with the best quality sound you can receive. 

  After trying these speakers out, I can honestly say that they produce the best audio that I have ever heard from something as small and compact as this product. Not only is the sound important, but how the speaker fits into the environment around them, and they do this well, as you can have the option of two standard colours, these being white and black. 

Using the official Sonos app, you have a whole range of different music services where you can listen to tunes through your device, you can also download the Sonos program for your computer, and can play music that you have in folders on your computer to. Furthermore, you can just simply play music off of your device, straight to the speaker. All of these methods will product amazing, punchy sounds out of your speaker. 

  There are 3 different incredible speakers in the PLAY collection the 1, 3 and 5. There is a link to all of the different models below.  

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas! 
  Thanks to Sonos for sending me these products to review.
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