One Problem With Apple

 Throughout my years of using Apple products I have always came across one issue with them, and that is the fact that after long periods of use of their charging cables they always seem to brake in one or two places. These positions are the most important because they are at both ends of the cable, one where the cable joins the USB, and one where the cable joins the iPhone/iPad adapter.

This generally leads to the cable breaking or snapping due to the connections being weak, which is frustrating, because although I still fell that Apple cables are very good, they cost one hell of a lot of money to replace. For a new lightning cable, from the Official Apple website, they cost roughly £25. This is for the singular cable, and it is nothing special, as it is only one size. Since Apple cables are very short, you often find yourself sitting really close to a plug, because the cable wont stretch or reach a reasonable distance.

Other than this, I still feel that Apple cables are very good and I also feel that you could find equal positives and negatives about the cables. I have recently been using the lightning Cable from 1byOne, which is a seller on the popular marketplace website called You can have a look at the product, and possibly purchase it by clicking the product link here: 1byone Metallic Lightning to USB Cable. 

This product comes in a variety of different colours to match your Apple device, gold, silver and grey. This means that not only do you get your own cable for your Apple product, but you can colour coordinate your accessories. I have chosen this product in grey, as this is the colour that my iPad is. I like how you can have all of your accessories matching as it
makes everything look neat and tidy.

When you first open the box, there are only a few things in it, which is good because as with some other products you are bombarded with paperwork and guides, which you tend to just throw away or forget about. However with this 1ByOne cable, you have all that is needed, the Service and Warranty Instructions neatly incorporated into one booklet, and the product that you purchased, which in this case in the Grey Metallic Lighting Cable.

Since I have been using this product it is clear that there is a strong level of quality, behind the design and the making of this cable. Encasing the cable is a strong, durable, metallic braided jacket, which provides essential protection to this product, and allows it to withstand heavy use, and be protected in backpacks, or bags. Due to this level of protection, I have not yet found any weakness' in either ends of this cable, and due to the quality I don't expect this to happen in the future.

Furthermore, since this cable is Apple MFi Certified, so you can count on this cable for all of your charging and syncing needs. This cable ensures 100% compatibility with any Lightning device.

You can buy this product by clicking on the banner below which will take you straight to the Amazon product page.

• Thanks to 1byOne for sending me this product
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