Neewer 24" Camera Stabilizer

Today I am going to be reviewing a product by Neewer, who are a large technology and photography shop on the website This company sells a whole range of products to fit more less any camera or device, so it is definitely a good place to look for technology and photography items!

I was lucky enough to be send a Neewer 24"/60cm Handheld Stabilizer for use with my Canon 70D. Firstly when I received the package, in it there wasn't just the stabilizer, there was also a carry case for the item. This means that you can easily transport the stabilizer around, and take it on shoots, or just out for the day of filming.

As soon as I removed the item from the box, you could see a clear level of quality throughout the whole of the product. Furthermore, I also love how the colours scheme of this product, is black and blue. As you can see from the header of my blog, I like the this colour scheme, including blacks, greys and blues. Moreover, the shade of blue that has been used is a very bright and vibrant, which catches the users attention. This shade with the different metallic finishes really makes this product very aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, this shade will go well with any camera, and nine times out of ten they tend to be black, and as you can see by this product them two colours go very well together.

On a more practical side, this product has a quick release plate which means that you can easily attach and detach your camera from the stabilizer. This stabilizer, also has the ability for you to shoot at high and low levels, as it has high precision bearings, and low friction joints. This results in even smoother and better looking shots when using this product.

In addition, this stabilizer also has two different size bearings so it is more likely that your camera will fit either with the 1/4" or the 3/8" screw. Also this stabilizer will be able to hold most cameras, as it can hold up to 6lbs of weight. As well as this, it can also extend from 15.2" to 24" so the stabilizer can adapt to most weights of cameras.

So that you can get the right balance for your camera, you have the option to change 6 different weights, meaning that there is no reason for your camera to be unbalanced. The weights can easily be removed simply by twisting the nuts. These are made from a very sturdy material, meaning that they are very good quality and you can trust them to hold the weights in place whilst recording your cinematic footage.

You can buy this product by clicking on the box below.

• Thanks to Neewer for sending me this product to review.
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