1byone Portable Speaker Review

Recently, I have gotten hold of one of 1byone's products, in order to be able to do a review on it. So today, the product that I am going to be reviewing is the 1byone portable Bluetooth speaker. From first impressions of this products, I am pleased to say that it was very positive, and reflected a quality company.

As you can see by the image above, this product is a very compact and portable size, meaning that you can take it anywhere and is easily able to fit in a school bag or a backpack at any time.  Moreover since this product has a very tough, rugged design it means that it will be able to withstand being knocked around in your bag, and even potentially dropped since this product is described as shock-proof. However I am hesitant to test this out, but it will remain in my mind when I am using this product.  

Another amazing aspect about this product is that it is IPX5 Waterproof, meaning that you can take it out when you go for an adventure, on a road trip, or any other activities where it may get wet, and the speaker will still be fully functioning and working perfectly fine. Also to go along with the design of this design, I really like the colour scheme of this product, since it is a light grey, with a dark ground outer casing. This casing I believe is silicone or very similar to that, which is a very nice material for this product to be made out of.

This device is easy to be able to connect to, since it has Bluetooth which allows a quick, painless connection experience. Moreover there are voice commands, such as 'Power On' and 'Paired' so you are aware when something happens with this product. This also has a reasonably loud speaker with Bass Booster, and a maximum of 91dB to play all of your favourite songs!

I recommend this product if you are going to go outside adventuring, going on holiday or even just to be used around the house, since it has a powerful speaker, with a tough exterior to protect it against any drops. One issue that I found with this speaker is that the built-in microphone, was not very good since you had to be really close to the speaker for it to pick up any sound. Other than that, I feel that this is a very good product, worth the buy.

You can by this product by clicking on the link below:

• Thanks to 1ByOne for sending me this product to review.
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