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Yesterday Microsoft announced the Xbox One S at the well-known electronic event called E3. For a large majority of people this came as shock as they were not expecting for a new console to be announced, and for others, they were aware that it is time for a new product since the Xbox One was released in 2013.

So firstly the Xbox One S boasts a 40% smaller size compared to its predecessor the Xbox One, and it is also a lot sleeker due to this. This will mean that it will be able to fit on most shelves and be compact enough to hopefully fit underneath the TV. Additionally, the use of the white finish will make the Xbox One S look clean and tidy, and as of now we do not know of any colours that may come out in the future, or on release. Moreover, this new console has an integrated power supply, reducing the massive power brick that you have to deal with that came with the old Xbox One.

Also, the new Xbox One S comes with a much sharper display meaning that you can take full advantage of the HDR Gaming capabilities. Additionally adding to the amazing graphic qualities, you will receive 4K Ultra HD Video and a standard Blu-Ray player. This means that you will be able to enjoy crystal clear gaming and video experience.

Also within the release of the new Xbox One S we have the new Xbox controller, which has a textured grip on the back of it so that you can grip in them intense gaming situations where sweaty hands try to defeat you! Moreover, this controller also have an increased range, so that you can game from even further away, in the comfort of the sofa!

Therefore, all that it left for the new Xbox One S is the price. This next generation games console is starting at the reasonable price of $299.

So if you want to pre-order it then you can by clicking on the link or the widget below!
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