IdeaNext CCTV IP Camera Review

After a brief period of time, I am back to review another product!

Today I am going to be reviewing IdeaNext's brand new CCTV camera. I have been reviewing this product for roughly two weeks and I can definitely say that it has been a surprise to me how good it actually is. 

When I first received this product I was very impressed with the design on the box and not to mention how well the camera was presented when the lid of the box was taken off. This is very good as it provides very positive thoughts about the product initially. 

Additionally, the fact that you can control the camera with its pan and tilt functions really makes this product simple and easy to use. I have found these functions very responsive and quick to occur. This means that you can quickly and easily move the camera around to check up on any suspicious activities. Also, the pan function is very good and you can nearly rotate the camera 360 degrees meaning that you will have all angles covered. 

The resolution of the camera is also very good as it is 1280 x 960. Although this isn't the clearest resolution I have tested in a security camera it still does a very good job. Therefore in the next product, I would like to see a resolution step up to at least 1080p.

Another very good feature of this security camera is that you can insert a microSD card into the camera meaning that all of the motion video clips and photos are automatically saved to the device making it very easy to view the footage afterwards. I have found this very helpful and I don't have to log onto cloud servers to try and retrieve the clips, as they are just there for easy access.

I have found the installation very simple and you just had to scan a QR code with the IdeaNext app, meaning that the camera was setup in a matter of minutes. This also means that it would be good for a wide age range as it is very simplistic. 

Also, additional features on this device include two-way communication so you can communicate with people who are at home, and also 16ft of night vision capabilities so that you can see activity in the dark.

The only downside to this product is that the motion alert sound when on the app is of a really poor quality as it sounds very tinny, rather than clear and sharp. Therefore in the next model like I suggested I would like to see a higher resolution and better sound quality. 

Other than the issues that I have stated I feel that this product is worth the price and I would definitely purchase the next model if my suggestions were implemented. 

In the box: 

• CCTV Camera
• FAQ Booklet
• After-Sales Support
• Product Guide
• USB Cable
• USB Charger

Thank you,


• This product has been sent to me by IdeaNext, but they have had no influence on this honest, unbias review.
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