Was Black Friday Worth It?

This year I don't feel that Black Friday in the United Kingdom has been as prominent for the consumer as it has in past years. Personally, the deals available have become less paramount and have ended up becoming small £3.00 off deals that many people are less fussed about.

Moreover another thing that I have picked up on is that many businesses are taking the Black Friday deals hype as a clever business strategy to maximize their profits but increasing the prices of items before the event and then lowering them on the day, giving the customers a false image that they are getting a bargain. This has made me more cautious of buying during this deals season, and as a result of this, I am holding out and waiting a few months as this may prove to be more beneficial.

This year, I haven't been looking at specific products, but I have had a slight idea of some things that I would like in the future. These include a 4K Smart TV and the new slimmer games consoles, which are both readily available, like the new Playstation 4 Slim or the Samsung 40" 4K Smart TV.

So will there be any better deals closer to Christmas? I guess we will find out!

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