Logitech M220 Silent Mouse Review

The world leader in mice and other peripherals have once again brought out a very inexpensive solution to help you with your everyday work flow. Logitech have a nifty product on the market that boasts over 90% noice reduction compared to other everyday mice. This clever solution means that you and others around you will no longer be annoyed or distracted by the clicking sound produced by your mouse.

The Logitech M220 allows you to effortlessly control your pointer, and personally I feel it also offers a very satisfying click feel but without the click noise. Additionally, this mouse has wireless capabilities and allows the user to control the device reliably from a distance of 10-metres. I tried this myself and I can confirm that this is correct. The mouse controlled my 13" MacBook Pro without any delays or lag.

In order to connect the Logitech M220 mouse to your device, you simply remove the covering on the bottom of the mouse and there is a tidy place where the small USB receiver stays when the mouse is not being used. I have found this very useful, as occasionally I have to occupy all of the USB ports on my MacBook, and this features helps to stop the USB receiver from getting lost. Finally, since the M220 has auto ON-OFF it allows the device to have a long-lasting battery life, meaning you will not have to replace the battery as frequently.

So will you be purchasing the M220?


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Thank you to Logitech for sending me this product. All opinions are my own.
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