NOTE 7 Explained

Over the last few months Samsung have been in the news regarding the mishaps that occurred with the release of their Galaxy Note 7. When this device first came out, it had a very large following from people who were fans of it's previous generations, but then many users started coming across issues with their devices, putting others off.

These issues came in the form of overheating batteries, resulting in the devices catching alight and burning out. These reports soon got publicised by the media, and originally Samsung thought that this may just be the select few devices with issues, but the reports kept appearing.

This public attention resulted in a global recall for the Note 7 devices after they were deemed too unsafe for consumer use. Moreover the dangers caused by the Note 7 then resulted in many airline companies banning it from flights, causing a lot of inconvenience for many loyal Samsung users.

After this media uproar, Samsung issued a global recall for the device, resulting in investors wiping $19 billion off Samsung's value and a fall of 9 per cent in stock value, allowing Apple's stocks to rise by 2 per cent.

Today Samsung confirmed that the faults in the device was caused by a fauly battery, which has also slowed the release of the Note 8. Lets hope that Samsung finally sort out this issue.
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