The Business of Electric Cars

Over the past year, numerous car companies have been progressing on the electric car front, with companies such as Tesla implementing amazing technological features in their electric cars. With demand increasing for these environmentally friendly vehicles, many other well-known vehicle manufacturers have decided to start developing and releasing similar products.

In the press this week, we have had news on the Jaguar I-Pace which is a fully electric, luxury sports car capable of delivering 700Nm of instant torque, and will take only 4 seconds from 0-60 mph. Compared with Tesla's P100D which is the quickest production car in the world, with the ability to reach 0-60 mph in only 2.5 seconds. 

These sorts of technologies are astounding and are really putting significant interest on electric cars, and what they are capable of. But the question is, how long until fuel powered cars become a thing of the past? I guess we will find out!
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