Top 5 Apple iPhone Accessories

Nowadays there is such a vast variety of iPhone accessories on the market, and today I am going to be suggesting my top five. Most iPhone accessories are inexpensive and are great gifts for Apple device owners, but it is essential to pick the right ones! 

There seem to be two rough trends when it comes to the best accessories for your iPhone useful/quality, and cheap/pointless. This guide will prove to you that you do not need to spend a fortune to get something that will enhance your experience using your Apple device.  

This iPhone accessory allows you to charge any of your devices powered by a USB. If you are a commuter, traveller or just love using your iPhone, this external battery pack is a must! This allows you to charge an iPhone 7 6.5 times, and an iPhone 7 Plus 4.5 times. Therefore, for the small investment of £27.99 you can always rely on having power.

Ever been lost without a Lightning cable, well in the future you will not need to worry as you will always have a small, handy one on your keyring. The ChargeKey by Gadget Juice is a flexible, rugged 8cm Lightning charging cable.

Are you a keen photographer or Instagrammer, if yes then this smartphone tripod would allow you to excel your photography further. You iPhone simply clips into the top portion of the tripod, and then you can move the legs around to grip onto any surface, tree, lamp post or anything else to get that snap!

Ever wanted to share your favourite music or Spotify playlist with your friends? Then you need this iPhone accessory. This 5-Way Splitter allows five people to listen to the same track at once, perfect for groups of friends.

Fancy a USB car charger with a twist, well the Nonda Smart Car Charger not only charges your phone, it allows you to use an app to track where your car is. Now you will no longer need to be walking around the carpark for hours on end trying to find your ride.

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