Apple Announcement

So today marks the day that Apple have made a big announcement. They are changing products and also adding some products to their vast line-up of devices and accessories. 

Normally, Apple hold a big press conference to release all of this information, but this time they kept it much more low-key and stuck with a few updates on their website. 

Apple are now only going to be selling the iPad Mini, new 9.7 inch iPad or the 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

The new 9.7 inch iPad, carries a slightly thicker design, about the same as the original iPad Air, but boasts the A9 chip which is the same one as found in the iPhone 6s.


RED iPhone 7
Apple are launching the RED iPhone 7 in both the 128GB and 256GB options, however they are removing the 64GB option. The iPhone 7 components and features are staying the same, but Apple will be making a contribution to HIV/AIDS with each purchase of this device.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Product RedApple

iPhone SE
Once again Apple are changing the storage capacity in their devices, and ditching both the 16GB and 64GB variations of their iPhone SE device, and replacing them with a 32GB and 128GB option.

iPhone SEApple

Clips App
Apple are also releasing a new app called Clips, which is a mixture between Snapchat and iMovie. This app allows you to be able to create photos and short videos to share with your friends.

Clips AppApple

Download the App here:

Apple Watch Bands
Apple are continuing to add to the Apple Watch accessory market by introducing a range of new watch straps and bands, including new Nike Sports and Apple Herm├Ęs Bands.

Apple Watch 2 Straps/BandsApple

iPhone Cases
Apple are also adding to their range silicone and leather cases by introducing three varieties of each. For the silicone option they include Azure, Camelia, and Pebble, whereas for the leather alternative the new colours include Berry, Taupe, and Pebble.

iPhone Silicone Case & iPhone Leather CaseApple

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