Top 5 Smart Home Tech - Smart Speakers, Smart Plugs etc.

Smart home technology can come at a price, but it doesn't have to be expensive, as you can pick and choose between the growing range of products available on the market.

Even on a budget you can kit an ordinary home out and make it smarter, so these top five smart home tech gadgets are all priced under £100.

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

This small, compact product by Amazon allows you to connect to the Alexa Voice Service, which is a remote assistant, where they can ask questions, play music and toggle other smart home devices.

With this device you are able to take advantage of the various connect music services such as Spotify, TuneIn and Amazon Music. Also you have the ability to connect speakers or headphones via Bluetooth, along with the ability to connect other devices using 3.5mm audio jack.

The Amazon Echo Dot can connect to any existing smart home devices the have already been installed allowing you to control lights, curtains and much, much more.

Amazon Echo Dot - Tesco

Amazon Echo Dot - John Lewis

Amazon Echo Dot - Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot - Currys

TP-Link Smart LED Bulb

TP-Link Smart LED Bulb

Make your pad feel more homely with the Wi-fi controlled LED Bulb from TP-Link. Set the mood with a tap of a button, as you can control the colours emitted from the light bulb using an app on your smart phone. 

Smart bulbs tend to be the first smart home investment people make as they are readily available and also can seem a lot more affordable than other smart home products. 

In conjunction with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or just the app, you are able to set schedules, timers and countdowns so you can make the lights work around your life. 

TP-Link Smart LED Bulb - Currys

TP-Link Smart LED Bulb - Amazon

TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug

TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug

The TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug is one of the easiest smart home devices to set up, as there is no subscription services required to get it up and running. Once the device is plugged in, you have the ability to remotely turn devices, lights and much more on or off. This can be done via the Kasa App, or using a remote assistant, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

This device is brilliant for running your home on a schedule and appearing at home whilst you are away, giving you extra piece of mind.

TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug at Currys

TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug on Amazon

TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug at Hughes

Ring Smart HD Video Doorbell

Ring Smart HD Video Doorbell
The Ring Video Doorbell lets you monitor your home from anywhere in the world, and make sure that you never miss a visitor. The smart doorbell connects to your home internet connection and you can view the live video from the Ring app, which is available on both iOS and Android.

This device notifies you if anybody presses the button, or motion is detected. Also the Ring Video Doorbell allows you to have two-way communication with visitors, via the smart phone app.

Ring Smart HD Video Doorbell at Currys

Ring Smart HD Video Doorbell on Amazon

Ring Smart HD Video Doorbell at John Lewis

Ring Smart HD Video Doorbell at Tesco

Elgato Eve Indoor Room Sensor

Elgato Eve Indoor Room Sensor

Improve the comfort of your home with the Elgato Eve Indoor Room Sensor. This smart device monitors the temperature, air quality and humidity of your room. 

Another feature of this smart home device, is that it works with Apple's HomeKit, meaning that just like Amazon's Alexa you can ask Siri for information regarding this device.

Also due to the Elgato Eve running on three AA batteries, it means it is wireless so can be moved around the home with ease.

Elgato Eve Indoor Room Sensor on Amazon

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