Jabra Elite Sport Review - Apple AirPod Alternative?

Jabra Elite Sport Review

Love music? Love sport? This pair of wireless earphones by Jabra offer a range of different features to make your music experience even better. The idea of wireless has been advancing rapidly in recent years, and since the release of the Apple AirPods many companies have been jumping on the bandwagon and manufacturing their own alternatives. 

To start these wireless earphone come in at £229.99, approximately $300 so in comparison to the Apple AirPods priced at £159 these are quite a pricey alternative. However, the Jabra Elite Sport offer a range of different features that stand them apart from the AirPods, making this product more suited for the fitness enthusiast. Features include an in-ear heart rate monitor which is very precise offering very accurate readings and a very clever use of a companion application that allows you to plan workouts, allow with monitoring them as you go. 

Jabra Elite Sport Review

Compared to an average pair of wired earphones this wireless pair are quite chunky in the ear, however due to this size and design they do fit very comfortably and after a while you don't even feel they are there. I have never been the biggest fan of the 'gummy' types earphone, as I always find them to become slightly painful after wearing them for long periods of time, therefore I prefer Apple's EarPods alternatives, however with this AirPods alternative comes with three different sizes of EarWings and EarGels allowing you to really customise the feel and fit of your earphones. Also the EarGels provided come in two forms, silicone and foam providing the user with varied levels of customisation.

Since we are becoming more and more reliant on technology, battery life is a must for technology enthusiast like me, and with this pair of earphones they give you up to 13.5 hours of charge, which I haven't been able to fully reach, however I would say that they would easily stand up to an adequate amount of use from an average user.

Jabra Elite Sport Review

The case allows two additional charges to the wireless earphones which can extend their battery life for another six hours of playback. A very good feature about the Elite Sport's is that they support fast charging therefore 15 minutes of charge will give you an hours worth of playback. The case is charged though a micro-usb and does support charging through portable charges. 

The quality of audio from these small earphones is very good, it hits high notes really well and has all-round audio functionality, however if I could improve one thing that would be the base. Slight tweaks in the low levels would make these earphone pack and even bigger punch, and would defiantly make them a rival contender with Apple.

Jabra Elite Sport Review

Another feature that was brilliant, was the fact that if you have accidentally misplaced a wireless earphone then using the companion app, you can locate them using the built in GPS in the earphones. This makes the common concern of losing wireless earphones less worrying as you know that you can always locate them. 

Personally, I would really recommend the Jabra Elite Sport wireless earphones, however I do feel that a slight reduction in the price would allow them to really compete against the Apple AirPods. They are a brilliant all-rounder with some very neat features. 

You can buy the Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earphones from any of the retailers below:

Jabra Elite Sport ReviewJabra Elite Sport ReviewJabra Elite Sport Review

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